18-10 Taller: Búsqueda de trabajo con la profesora Silvia Dapía

October 18, 4:15 pm, Room: 4116.18


Topics to be covered:

  • Writing a Cover Letter: The Cover Letter is one of the most challenging documents that you may ever write: You have to align your strengths and goals with your prospective school.  What is a College/department’s “mission statement”? What does it have to do with my cover letter? How can I impress prospective employers with my cover letter? How should I organize it? Are there any “do’s” and “do not’s” regarding its format and content?
  • Composing a CV: What is the goal of a CV? What kind of accomplishments should I include? Is there a standard curriculum vitae format? How should I construct my work description entries? What are the essential accomplishments to include in a CV? In this workshop you’ll learn how to how to demonstrate a strong professional presence by writing a focused CV that creates a compelling depiction of your significant skills and experiences.
  • Teaching Statement: What is the goal of a teaching statement? How can I provide evidence for my teaching style in my teaching statement? Should I write two different teaching statements, one for a so-called “research institution” and a different one for a “teaching institution”? Should I link my research and my teaching or are these two independent issues?
  • Research Statement: What is the goal of a research statement? What points should I address in a research statement? Should I include future plans or restrict myself to current research? Should I write different research statements according to the institutions?
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